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Commits on Mar 28, 2011
  1. Refactor parser

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
    * Extract parser logic into pubkey classes
    * Move RSAPublicKey and DSAPublicKey into their own files
  2. Formatting

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
  3. Extract BlobReader and BlobWriter into their own files.

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
  4. Extracted two's complement helper.

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
  5. Reading and writing OpenSSH-style public keys is now supported

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
    * Added BlobWriter to encode raw data
    * Cleaned up BlobReader
    * Eliminated PublicKey because its subclasses had little in common
    * Factored out two's complement helpers for Integer
  6. Extracted parser implementation from key representation. Implemented …

    Jeremy Voorhis authored
    …functional-style parser.
  7. Add BSD 3-clause license.

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