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If you are unsure about how to setup your environment, this is a good start.

Here you will find reasonable setup for git, ag, ctags, fish, gem, inputrc, irb, iterm and tmux. You will also find some scripts to setup a Mac for development (apps, keyboard config, etc) and applications in general.

I hope you enjoy :)

This repo is meant to be shared and reused.



To setup the config files on your home directory run the following:

./symlink.sh  # setup and symlinks


There is a script to install applications, command line utilities and fonts listed on Brewfile and also a script to download widgets.

cd osx/
./install-apps.sh       # install apps, command line utilities and fonts
./download-widgets.sh   # download widgets to ~/Downloads


There is a script to to setup Mac OSX for development on configure osx. It setups a lot of things: computer name, keyboard speed, remap capslock to control, spaces, shortcuts, etc. Take a look at the script for all configuration.

cd osx/
./configure-osx.sh  # configure a Mac machine


To setup fish shell after it is installed run the following:

./setup-fish.sh   # creates the config folders and set fish as default shell