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Replication code for "RNN-based counterfactual prediction"
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This repository provides data and code for reproducing "RNN-based counterfactual prediction".

Please cite the paper if you use this code for academic research:

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  • Python 2 (tested on Python 2.7.16)

  • Tensorflow 1.2

  • R version 3.5.2 (2018-12-20).

Set up

  • Clone a copy of the repository to your working directory with the command
$ git clone
  • In R, install MCPanel from the forked repo:
  • Open package-list.R in a script editor

    • Verify that all required packages in package-list.R are installed in your R library
  • Make shell file executable from the Linux/Unix command line:

$ chmod +x
  • Execute the file:
$ ./ > main.txt


To run placebo experiments, repeat the last two steps for

  • synthetic control datasets
  • stock market prices
  • state government finances

Counterfactual predictions

To get encoder-decoder estimates run <GPU_ID> <epochs> <batches> <data name> <t_0> <T> <imputation_method>; e.g.,

python 0 1000 8 'educ' 87 156 'locf'

Similarly, for RVAE estimates run <GPU ID> <epochs> <batches> <data name> <t_0> <T> <imputation_method>; e.g.,

python 0 1000 8 'educ' 87 156 'locf'

To plot the training and validation error, run <file location of training log>; e.g.,

python '../results/rvae/educ/training_log_educ.csv'
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