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--create database sblog
use sblog
create login sblog with password = '*****'
create user sblog for login sblog
GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE ON dbo.flowtrace_audit TO sblog
--GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON dbo.flowtrace_audit TO sblog
--GRANT SELECT, DELETE ON dbo.flowtrace_audit TO sblog
drop table dbo.flowtrace_audit
"Message_type" VARCHAR(16) NULL ,
-- osb message codes
-- auto generated from a sequence
"MessageReference" VARCHAR (64) ,
-- Can be a context sensitive message reference (UUID, ECID or another meaningful field from the actual data)
"AuditDateTime" TIMESTAMP NULL ,
-- 'now' - time the first audit entry was made
"MessageDateTime" VARCHAR(64) NULL ,
-- Time the message was inserted
"MessagePayload" XML NULL ,
-- Actual payload
"ComponentName" VARCHAR(64) NULL ,
-- Fully qualified SB component name (Project/Pipelines/pipeXYZ)
"ServiceVersion" VARCHAR(16) NULL)
-- Version where available
-- login as sblog
use sblog
select * from dbo.flowtrace_audit order by AuditDateTime desc
insert into dbo.flowtrace_audit(AuditID,MessageDateTime)
values ('123', 'test')