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Bitcoin Core Prometheus Exporter

A Prometheus exporter for Bitcoin Core nodes written in python and packaged for running as a container.

A rudimentary Grafana dashboard is available in the dashboard/bitcoin-grafana.json file.

The main script is a modified version of, updated to remove the need for the bitcoin-cli binary, packaged into a Docker image, and expanded to export additional metrics.

Run the container

docker run \
    --name=bitcoin-exporter \
    -p 9332:9332 \
    -e BITCOIN_RPC_HOST=bitcoin-node \
    -e BITCOIN_RPC_USER=alice \

Basic Testing

There's a docker-compose.yml file in the repository that references a test bitcoin node. To test changes to the exporter in docker, run the following commands.

docker-compose down
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

If you see a lot of ConnectionRefusedError errors, run chmod og+r test-bitcoin.conf.

Change Log

See the file for changes.

Other Exporters