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Arduino project for animating the Hot / Bao / Chicka / Wow / Wow large signs
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Bao Sign 2018/sign_control_vProd
Mac FTDI driver
Physical sign design

Bao Chicka Wow Wow blinking sign

BCWW Sign at dusk

Video of sign at Burning Man 2018 and fab process


The contents of this repo mirror the structure of the Arduino project directory. Dependencies are included in the libraries/ folder. For the time-of-day mode switching timers to work, you'll need to copy the contents of this directory into your Arduino build location for libraries. That's usually just {your Arduino homedir}/libraries.


Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (config included) ATMega328P (5V, 16 MHz)


Documented in the code

All 5 signs are connectted in parallel on a 10-conductor ribbon cable. One line controls the servo that changes the fourth sign from WOW to NOW

Physical sign design files

Design (Illustrator)

Modeling / CAD (Autodesk Inventor)

CNC GCode: Vector / ShopBot

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