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WebGL Terrain Rendering Experiment

This is an experiment in rendering terrain using WebGL. It is using CDLOD [1]_ for handling level of details. The demo does also include reflective water using oblique view frustums [2]_ for clipping. The code is quite hacky (an experiment that got out of hand), and is probably not suitable for use in any real world application. It does not do any streaming at the moment, so it requires all the data to reside in one big texture. I might build on this experiment in the future.


Most of the relevant code is in src/engine/terrain.js Note that that code does currently not handle nodes whose distance is bigger than the max distance and there are probably more rough edges too.


CDLOD does work well using WebGL. It results in smooth level of detail changes. The main drawback is that it requires quite a lot of draw calls.

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