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Haskell Binding for SMT Solver Boolector.

The binding is a (quite) low-level translation of Boolector's API.


This program (API_Usage_Examples.hs)

import qualified Boolector as B

import Control.Applicative

main = do
    result <- B.withBoolector $ do
        c <- B.unsignedInt 35 8
        x <- B.var 8 ; y <- B.var 8
        p <- B.mul x y ; o <- B.umulo x y
        no <- B.not o ; e <- B.eq c p
        B.assert =<< no B.&& e
        one <- 8
        B.assert =<< B.ugt x one
        B.assert =<< B.ugt y one
        B.dumpSmt2 "dump_example.smt2"
        B.withSolution $ do
            (,) <$> B.val x <*> B.val y
    print result  

will print

Just (7,5)

Note that

  • names are as in boolector.h (but boolector_and is && and boolector_or is ||)
  • the program is do <build formula> ; withSolution <access model>

Installing, Licensing

The script will download and compile Boolector sources. If you run it, you accept Boolector's licensing terms.

The default license does not allow this software to be used in a commercial context nor as part of a submission to a competition or a similar event.

For more details see COPYING respectively LICENSE in the individual archives in the 'archives' directory.