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-- | read script in SMT2-format from stdin,
-- write status and model to stdout.
-- Solver uses bit blasting where details of the encoding
-- can be chosen via command line parameters.
-- Accepts input logic QF_LIA, QF_LRA, QF_IDL
-- but actually all variables are assumed to be non-negative integers.
-- (also QF_Arctic, QF_Tropical, QF_Fuzzy)
-- Assumption: input contains exactly one (check-sat)
-- followed by (get-value) for all global names.
import Satchmo.SMT.Config
import Satchmo.SMT.Solve
import Language.SMTLIB
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Control.Monad ( mapM_ )
import System.IO
import System.Environment
main = do
argv <- getArgs
conf <- parse_options argv
s <- getContents
let input = parseScript s
output <- execute conf input
mapM_ print $ case output of
Nothing -> [ Cs_response Unknown ]
Just values -> [ Cs_response Sat
, Gv_response values
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