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JavaScript Training: Fall 2016

Provide background on the tutorials through the end of the quarter.

The emphasis is on delivering client-side examples of core JavaScript features weekly rather than just language features; priority is given to likely implementation issue for applications.

w1: Setup: IDE, editors, version control, and environment

  • Environment setup for an editor,
  • version control.

Create a template for working with jQuery for examples and pulling data externally.

w2: Global, Promises, async

Summary: Sourcing external data. Global variables with the var keyword and the window object in web pages. Using console effectively. Navigating object structures.

(function() {})();

w3: simplePlugin: module pattern

Summary: Closures, anonymous functions, the foundations of a library. Sample test questions for interviews.

Scope revisited

Scope chain

w4: simpleLibrary: prototypes, constructors, and oojs

w5: simpleTool: code review detection patterns

Show example of code reviews from jQuery, Facebook JavaScript SDK, and YUI for best practices.

Evaluate each with jslint, Closure, and

w6: ES5; ES2015 - ES2017

w7: ...scope chains, execution context

See JDG 8.8 and ...

w8: Culture

TODO: Pull from the RSS feed and extract search terms.

Brendan Eich Erik Arvidsson Sam Tobin-Hochstadt Dave Fugate Nebojša Ćirić Allen Wirfs-Brock Mark S. Miller


w9: MVC

  • Read Backbone source
  • Create a Router that just supports get against a direct match of the fragment identifier
import router from 
  • Create a Template tool that only replaces {}
  • Create a minimal controller
  • Handle a response that has a send() method
  • Create minimal models with no DB backing with TODOMVC as the example

w10: Reactive UIs

  • React

w11: State Management

w12: Transpilers

  • TypeScript