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I originally gave this talk to Newcastle University's applied maths department in October 2019. The talk was intended to give an introduction to Bayesian statistics to the uninitiated. With the aim of showcasing the Bayesian paradigm, an astrophysically motivated case study was then given.

Using this code

Having cloned this repo, all the code should work as-is. Though you'll likely have to pip install pystan before getting going (and maybe a couple of other packages if you don't use python much).

The script fitting/ will prompt for the name of the model you'd like to fit. The options here are norm and neg_bin. All the plots and tables generated will be saved in the directory fitting/out/. Once you have run fitting/ for norm and neg_bin you will have all the output you need to compile astrostats.tex.


I took much inspiration from the book "Bayesian models for astrophysical data: using R, JAGS, Python, and Stan." and in fact the code in fitting/stan_models/neg_bin.stan was taken verbatim from the book.

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