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Scripts to Automate Linux Post Install's
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Scripts to Automate Ubuntu / Debian Post Install


  • If you're like me and break stuff all the time, saving time by not having type out all the commands to set yout machine up post install.

  • Simplicity / Save time after your install, wget the script raw and let it run.


  • Post installs can take time, especially if you're trying to balance multiple things at once, run the script do something else, reply to that email and finish when its done.

Whats on each script?

Ubuntu / Debian post install script

wget && bash
  • Sys updates
  • OpenSSH install
  • Ufw config
  • speedtest-cli
  • Fail2Ban config
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSH disable root login
  • SFTP server config
  • Optional install of Wireguard VPN server - credit to
  • Optional install for docker
  • A message of the day system stats
  • System Clean up after the install

In order to use speedtest just use "speedtest" as the command in the cli. Click for more info.

# To Do

Auto recongise the Os and choose the correct script to run

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