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Welcome to the ProgrammingAndroidExamples wiki!
This repo contains working code for the example in O'Reilly's
_Programming Android_; Mednieks, Dornin, Meike, Nakamura
The projects are organized by the primary chapter in which the examples appears.
The projects have all been tested in eclipse, using the emulator (with the exception of a couple that are hardware dependent; those projects have notes to that effect in their README files)
If you have a question, you might check the FAQ:
To set up a project, check it out and then:
cd $PROJ
cp tools/ide/eclipse/project .project
cp tools/ide/eclipse/classpath .classpaht
Start eclipse and use File > Import > "Existing project into workspace"
Comments are welcome! Send problems and comments to programmingandroidexamples at callmeike dot net.
OpenMobile ( is hiring!
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