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// UAGithubEngineRequestTypes.h
// UAGithubEngine
// Created by Owain Hunt on 05/04/2010.
// Copyright 2010 Owain R Hunt. All rights reserved.
typedef enum UAGithubRequestType
UAGithubUsersRequest = 0, // Get more than one non-specific user
UAGithubUserRequest, // Get exactly one specific user
UAGithubRepositoriesRequest, // Get more than one non-specific repository
UAGithubRepositoryRequest, // Get exactly one specific repository
UAGithubRepositoryUpdateRequest, // Update repository metadata
UAGithubRepositoryWatchRequest, // Watch a repository
UAGithubRepositoryUnwatchRequest, // Unwatch a repository
UAGithubRepositoryForkRequest, // Fork a repository
UAGithubRepositoryCreateRequest, // Create a repository
UAGithubRepositoryPrivatiseRequest, // Make a repository private
UAGithubRepositoryPubliciseRequest, // Make a repository public
UAGithubRepositoryDeleteRequest, // Delete a repository
UAGithubRepositoryDeleteConfirmationRequest, // Confirm deletion of a repository
UAGithubDeployKeysRequest, // Get repository-specific deploy keys
UAGithubDeployKeyAddRequest, // Add a repository-specific deploy key
UAGithubDeployKeyDeleteRequest, // Delete a repository-specific deploy key
UAGithubRepositoryLanguageBreakdownRequest, // Get the language breakdown for a repository
UAGithubTagsRequest, // Tags for a repository
UAGithubBranchesRequest, // Branches for a repository
UAGithubCollaboratorsRequest, // Collaborators for a repository
UAGithubCollaboratorAddRequest, // Add a collaborator
UAGithubCollaboratorRemoveRequest, // Remove a collaborator
UAGithubCommitsRequest, // Get more than one non-specific commit
UAGithubCommitRequest, // Get exactly one specific commit
UAGithubIssuesOpenRequest, // Get open issues
UAGithubIssuesClosedRequest, // Get closed issues
UAGithubIssueRequest, // Get exactly one specific issue
UAGithubIssueAddRequest, // Add an issue
UAGithubIssueEditRequest, // Edit an issue
UAGithubIssueCloseRequest, // Close an issue
UAGithubIssueReopenRequest, // Reopen a closed issue
UAGithubRepositoryLabelsRequest, // Get repository-wide issue labels
UAGithubRepositoryLabelAddRequest, // Add a repository-wide issue label
UAGithubRepositoryLabelRemoveRequest, // Remove a repository-wide issue label
UAGithubIssueLabelAddRequest, // Add a label to a specific issue
UAGithubIssueLabelRemoveRequest, // Remove a label from a specific issue
UAGithubIssueCommentsRequest, // Get more than one non-specific issue comment
UAGithubIssueCommentRequest, // Get exactly one specific issue comment
UAGithubIssueCommentAddRequest, // Add a comment to an issue
UAGithubTreeRequest, // Get the listing of a tree by SHA
UAGithubBlobsRequest, // Get the names and SHAs of all blobs for a specific tree SHA
UAGithubBlobRequest, // Get data about a single blob by tree SHA and path
UAGithubRawBlobRequest, // Get the raw data for a blob
} UAGithubRequestType;
typedef enum UAGithubResponseType
UAGithubUsersResponse = 0, // One or more users
UAGithubUserResponse, // Exactly one user
UAGithubRepositoriesResponse, // One or more repositories
UAGithubRepositoryResponse, // Exactly one repository
UAGithubDeleteRepositoryResponse, // Token to send in delete confirmation request
UAGithubDeleteRepositoryConfirmationResponse, // Confirmation of deletion
UAGithubDeployKeysResponse, // One or more deploy keys
UAGithubRepositoryLanguageBreakdownResponse, // Breakdown in language-bytes pairs
UAGithubTagsResponse, // Tags in name-SHA pairs
UAGithubBranchesResponse, // Branches in name-SHA pairs
UAGithubCollaboratorsResponse, // One or more usernames
UAGithubCommitsResponse, // One or more commits
UAGithubCommitResponse, // Exactly one commit
UAGithubIssuesResponse, // One or more issues
UAGithubIssueResponse, // Exactly one issue
UAGithubIssueCommentsResponse, // One or more issue comments
UAGithubIssueCommentResponse, // Exactly one issue comment
UAGithubIssueLabelsResponse, // One or more issue labels
UAGithubRepositoryLabelsResponse, // One or more repository-wide issue labels
UAGithubTreeResponse, // Metadata for all files in given commit
UAGithubBlobsResponse, // Name and SHA for all files in given tree SHA
UAGithubBlobResponse, // Metadata and file data for given tree SHA and path
UAGithubRawBlobResponse, // Raw file
} UAGithubResponseType;