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@@ -5,6 +5,13 @@ BDD-style testing using Objective-C
## Usage
+### Clone from GitHub
+* Don't forget to initialize submodules:
+ $ git submodule update --init
### Non-iPhone testing
* Build the Cedar framework. Note that you must build for an Objective-C
@@ -49,10 +56,16 @@ BDD-style testing using Objective-C
### iPhone testing
-* Build the Cedar-iPhone static framework. This framework contains a univeral
+* Build the Cedar-iPhone static framework. This framework contains a universal
binary that will work both on the simulator and the device.
+ NOTE: due to a bug in the build process the script that builds the framework
+ will sometimes not copy all of the header files appropriately. If after you
+ build the Headers directory under the built framework is empty, try deleting
+ the built framework and building again.
* Create a Cocoa Touch executable target for your tests in your project. Name
this target UISpecs, or something similar.
+* Open the Info.plist file for your project and remove the "Main nib file base
+ name" entry. The project template will likely have set this to "MainWindow."
* Add the Cedar-iPhone static framework to your project, and link your UISpecs
target with it.
* Add -ObjC, -lstdc++ and -all_load to the Other Linker Flags build setting for the

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