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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang='en'>
<meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8' />
<link href='/stylesheets/application.css' media='screen' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' />
<link rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon' href='/favicon.ico' />
<body class='errror error-500'>
<div id='header' class='wrapper'>
<h1><a href='/'>Copycopter</a></h1>
<div id='page-bg'>
<div id='content'>
<div class='content-header'>
<h2>Un momento por favor</h2>
<div id='main-content'>
<h3>The site is currently undergoing maintenance.</h3>
We're performing some regular site maintenance, and the application
will be back shortly.
<div id='bottom-corner'></div>
<div id='footer' class='wrapper'>
<p><a href=''>Report an Issue</a></p>
<p class='service'>
<a href=''>Copycopter</a>
is a service of
<a href=''>thoughtbot</a>
&copy; 2011
<div id='clouds'></div>
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