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-title: John T Wang
-<p>Hi. My name is John. Welcome to my personal website. I love to make amazing things and teach others how to do the same. I focus primarily on <span class="highlight">websites</span>, <span class="highlight">web apps</span> and <span class="highlight">mobile apps</span> with Google Android and Apple iOS.</p>
-<p>John is currently a Senior Mobile Architect at <a href="">Ikayzo</a>.
-<p>John is currently working on adding an Mapper API wrapper for the <a href="">JRuby on Google AppEngine</a> project and showing how to use the Google Storage API with JRuby and AppEngine. He is also helping out on the <a href="">Mirah</a> and <a href="">Dubious</a> projects.</p>
-<p>He is a member of the <a href="">Three20 Quorum</a> where he is responsible for <a href="">Facebook's Three20</a> iOS open source project's website at <a href=""></a>.
-<p>Lastly, he is working on organizing and maintaining Hawaii's Ruby community, <a href="">Aloha.rb</a>.
-<p>Helped add an OAuth wrapper for the JRuby on Google AppEngine project.</p>
-<p>Helped getting RESTful JSON working with JRuby on Rails with Google AppEngine.</p>
-<p>Spoke about iPhone and Android app development at <a href="">Unconferenz 2010</a>, iPhone/Android Developers Group and <a href="">TechHui Conference 2010</a>.</p>
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