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+<h1>What is Nimbus?</h1>
-A collection of open-source iOS libraries.
+Nimbus is an iOS framework that grows only as fast as its documentation. Its roots stem
+from the Three20 framework and much of its code is forked from Three20, though with meticulous
+care and thought.
+In short, you'll find a number of features within Nimbus to accelerate your development of
+iOS applications. Nimbus will be evolving quickly over time so it is likely in your best
+interest to simply browse the documentation by checking out Nimbus'
+<a href="">Modules</a>.
+If you'd like to get started right away, learn how to
+<a href="">add Nimbus to your project</a>.
+<h1>Three20 was garbage though, why would I use Nimbus?</h1>
+Three20 most certainly has issues. Among them:
+- Relatively zero documentation.
+- Spaghetti dependencies.
+- Suffering from a "kitchen sink" complex.
+- Complex build structure.
+- Enormous number of difficult-to-solve bugs.
+- Low test coverage.
+But for its weaknesses, Three20 does provide a good deal of value through its feature set. It is
+used in over 100 apps in the app store by companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Posterous,
+Meetup, and SCVNGR.
+The goal of Nimbus is to one day provide this same value through its feature set. Along the way,
+infinitely more value will be provided in better documentation, better test coverage, and
+a smaller learning curve.
+<h1>What are the plans for Nimbus?</h1>
+I'm a strong believer in shipping early, shipping fast, and shipping often. Any other way of
+being genuinely frustrates me so I hope to apply this to Nimbus.
+I plan to tackle Nimbus by first building a strong foundation in the Nimbus Core. From there
+I will branch out and tackle migrating a variety of features over from Three20. Some features
+on my immediate horizon in increasing order of difficulty:
+- The Launcher.
+- Network images.
+- TTNavigator.
+For each day that I work on Nimbus I hope to have a pseudo-stable build that I can push out
+and summarize the changes since the previous day's build. For this reason I will likely use
+a <b>MAJOR.MINOR.SCORE.INCREMENTAL</b> version model.
+<b>Major</b> version numbers will be reserved for major milestones in the project (completing a
+large set of features, for example).
+<b>Minor</b> version numbers will be reserved for minor milestones in the project (completing a
+small set of features, for example).
+<b>Score</b> version numbers will be reserved for stable cuts of Nimbus after individual tasks
+are completed (fully implementing the Launcher, for example).
+I'd like to treat the score version number like points from a video game. Finishing an
+individual task will increase the score for a particular major release, so version 1.130.2
+indicates "the first major release of Nimbus, 130 tasks tackled, and 2 incremental builds
+for bugfixes and daily progress since the 130th task was finished". Perhaps there may be some
+merit in allowing people who complete tasks to earn these points in some sense as well to
+encourage some friendly competition.
+<b>Incremental</b> version numbers should be fairly self explanatory, but for the sake
+of completeness this number will be incremented by one each time a new stable release is cut.
+<h1>Who's working on Nimbus?</h1>
+Nimbus was started by me (Jeff Verkoeyen) in June 2011. My background includes over 10 years
+of software development and experience at Google and Facebook designing software and
+building user interfaces. I took over the Three20 project in 2009 after its original creator,
+Joe Hewitt, moved on to other projects. Over the proceeding 6 months much time was invested in
+splitting the framework apart and attempting to clobber its spaghetti dependencies while
+improving the project's documentation.
+In early May of 2010, my life was completely shaken up: my mother suddenly passed
+away at age 42 due to a pulmonary embolism. This is relevant because for the following year
+I checked out of life and, as a direct result, little progress was made with Three20. Over the
+last year I've found that shedding baggage is not only an emotionally satisfying process, but
+also a necessary one. So I am shedding Three20's baggage and out of the remaining bits building
+Nimbus. I learned a lot about working with an open source project and community and sincerely
+hope to carry much of this knowledge over to Nimbus.
+<h1>So what about everyone who's still using Three20?</h1>
+My goal with Nimbus is to eventually provide a feature set that contains Three20's. I
+sincerely hope to make it easy for anyone using Three20 to transition to Nimbus. In the
+meantime, Three20 will likely stay in a bug-fixing state. The library is stable as it stands
+so I have every bit of confidence in the community to tackle any bugs as necessary.
+<h1>Version History</h1>
+The first feature release of Nimbus.
+Goal tasks:
+- Migrate Three20's Navigator to Nimbus.
+<h2>0.1 - Friday June 10, 2011</h2>
+The first public release of Nimbus.
+Goal tasks for this release:
+Migrate the following from Three20:
+- Global core methods (+1)
+- Debugging tools (+1)
+- Availability (+1)
+- Additions (+1)

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