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Commits on Aug 4, 2011
  1. @jverkoey
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  8. @jverkoey

    [core] Add stringByAddingPercentEscapesForURLParameter. [interapp] Fi…

    jverkoey authored
    …x some crashing bugs with opening the phone and sms apps.
  9. @jverkoey
  10. @jverkoey

    [core] Fully clean up the core documentation by moving all class meth…

    jverkoey authored
    …od docs to the bottom of the files.
  11. @jverkoey
  12. @jverkoey
  13. @jverkoey

    [core] Extensive documentation cleanup. Renamed NIStatusBarBoundsChan…

    jverkoey authored
    …ge methods.
    Meticulously went through NICommonMetrics and NIDataStructures and cleaned
    house. Made the NILinkedList docs follow the Apple docs much more closely.
  14. @jverkoey
  15. @jverkoey
  16. @jverkoey

    [networkimage] Fix potential memory leak in the network image http re…

    jverkoey authored
    A color space was being allocated but not freed in all cases.
  17. @jverkoey
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  23. @jverkoey
  24. @jverkoey

    [core] Add bound methods.

    jverkoey authored
  25. @jverkoey
  26. @jverkoey
  27. @jverkoey
  28. @jverkoey

    [launcher] Add the Nimbus Launcher to the root Nimbus project and cre…

    jverkoey authored
    …ate an aggregate target project.
  29. @jverkoey

    Create a new root Nimbus project and add Core to it. Cleaned up multi…

    jverkoey authored
    …ple warnings as a result.
    Removed the Core project.
  30. @jverkoey
  31. @jverkoey

    [core] Add NIError.h/m.

    jverkoey authored
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