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remove task for cloning rails

- not sure why it's failing, but will replace it once I can
  get it working
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dchelimsky committed Jan 23, 2010
1 parent 58f1f1a commit a9aa24de855e1d028e4a25baf80cf99561c17973
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  1. +19 −14 Rakefile
@@ -26,27 +26,32 @@ rescue LoadError
puts "Jeweler (or a dependency) not available. Install it with: gem install jeweler"
-desc 'checkout rails'
-task :get_rails do
+desc 'create app, generate a bunch of stuff, and run rake spec'
+task :create_app do |t|
-'tmp/rails') do
- system "git pull origin master"
- end
+ rm_rf "tmp/example_app"
+ ruby "./tmp/rails/railties/bin/rails tmp/example_app --dev -m example_app_template.rb"
- mkdir_p 'tmp'
- system "git clone git:// tmp/rails"
- end
+ puts <<-MESSAGE
-desc 'create app, generate a bunch of stuff, and run rake spec'
-task :create_app do
- rm_rf "tmp/example_app"
- ruby "./tmp/rails/railties/bin/rails tmp/example_app --dev -m example_app_template.rb"
+You need to install rails in ./tmp/rails before you can run the
+#{task_name} task:
+ git clone git:// tmp/rails
+(We'll automate this eventually, but running 'git clone' from rake in this
+project is mysteriously full of fail)
+ puts silly_git_clone_message(
+ end
desc 'clobber generated files'
task :clobber do
rm_rf "pkg"
-task :default => [:get_rails, :create_app]
+task :default => :create_app

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