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= Ruby OpenID Library Installation
== Rubygems Installation
Rubygems is a tool for installing ruby libraries and their
dependancies. If you have rubygems installed, simply:
gem install ruby-openid
== Manual Installation
Unpack the archive and run setup.rb to install:
ruby setup.rb
setup.rb installs the library into your system ruby. If don't want to
add openid to you system ruby, you may instead add the *lib* directory of
the extracted tarball to your RUBYLIB environment variable:
$ export RUBYLIB=${RUBYLIB}:/path/to/ruby-openid/lib
== Testing the Installation
Make sure everything installed ok:
$> irb
irb$> require "openid"
=> true
Or, if you installed via rubygems:
$> irb
irb$> require "rubygems"
=> true
irb$> require_gem "ruby-openid"
=> true
== Run the test suite
Go into the test directory and execute the *runtests.rb* script.
== Next steps
* Run consumer.rb in the examples directory.
* Get started writing your own consumer using OpenID::Consumer
* Write your own server with OpenID::Server
* Use the OpenIDLoginGenerator! Read example/README for more info.