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Sproutcore tutorial
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Project: Todos
Copyright: @2011 My Company, Inc.

Build Status

TODO: Describe Your Project

Add as much test coverage as you can to the Todo app from step 1.

Bonus: Add a (tested!) feature to the app that allows the user to tag individual todo items (e.g. "work", "play", etc.) and to sort the list by tag.


Development Dependencies


Lessons Learned

The below is a short synopsis. For more detailed see the Notes

Continuous Integration

  • Setting up Travis-CI to run Jasmine tests isn't that bad. Example GitHub repo running Jasmine specs.
  • Setting up CI for Sproutcore 2.0 is a lot easier than 1.6. This is due to the 2.0 ability to build the JS files and integrate better into existing projects.
  • There are ways to run CI with Sproutcore 1.6 but it can be a little bit more painful. To use Travis, I used sc-build then copied the sproutcore code to the vendor directory for jasmine to use.

Error Messages

/Users/john/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290@global/gems/rack-1.3.4/lib/rack/backports/uri/common_192.rb:53: warning: already initialized constant WFKV_ This is an error with the version of rack. Lowering it to the previous resolves the problem.

File Naming Convention

A bit of confusion in this area as there isn't a clear practice in Javascript world. Unfortunately, the SproutCore JavaScript Style Guide doesn't provide any hints to it, but does suggest following Cocoa Style Guide.

The SproutCore codebase suggests using underscore naming scheme instead of CamelCase format of Cocoa default for XCode.

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