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======= pentahoLanguagePacks

Pentaho Language Pack Installer: plugin for installing language packs


The installer works by massively copying files to your Pentaho installation, eventually overwriting existing files. It also patches files in your installation.

We heavily recommend that you test the installer in a dedicated BI server before using this installer in a production setting. Please backup both your server and your solution!

Installation Notes

The Language Pack Installer requires Pentaho 5+, and depends on the following CTools:

  • Community Dashboard Framework (CDF)
  • Community Dashboard Editor (CDE)

You can install these packages from the marketplace, or by manually downloading them from Pentaho's Continuous Integration server and unzipping the .zip file to your pentaho-solutions/system folder.

Installing the plugin

  1. If you downloaded a zip file, simply unzip it to your pentaho-solutions/system

    If your are using the git repository, then, in a command line:

    1. Go to your pentaho-solutions/system folder
    2. git clone languagePackInstaller
  2. Restart the biserver

  3. Assuming you are working in your local machine, visit: http://localhost:8080/pentaho/plugin/languagePackInstaller/api/main

Notes for translators

  1. Please fork the Webdetails repository To merge your changes, please issue a pull request.

  2. Please save all files using UTF8 encoding.

  3. Do not bother to edit the files, their contents will be ignored by the language pack installer.

  4. The information in the file data/${languageCode}/metadata.json will be used by the installer to patch Pentaho with your translation, so please make sure the fields languageCode and language are consistent with your modifications.

  5. The installer installs whatever languageCode is defined in data/metadata.json. To test different translations, simply modify this file accordingly.

  6. The script endpoints/kettle/ can be used to generate a language pack from scratch. It works by copying the default tokens and appending a <TRANSLATE ME> to each string.

  7. Individual language packs can be generated by running ant -DlangCode=pt_PT clean resolve build-language-pack (replace pt_PT with the appropriate language code).

Known issues

  1. In the particular case of the automatically generated files biserver/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/mantle/mantleMessages_*.properties, the symbols < and > can break the Pentaho User Console, yielding an error Error generating XUL: Failed to parse: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>. This error disappears as soon as these symbols are eliminated.