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Part of my daily plan for studying C.
C C++ CMake Assembly Shell
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Latest commit 79e006c Oct 21, 2016
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arrays Added memory address checks. Jun 14, 2016
assembly Reverse words function. Oct 18, 2016
binary_search Added more test cases. Jun 24, 2016
binary_search_tree clang formatting. Jul 7, 2016
experiments Reverse words function. Oct 18, 2016
graphs Formatting change. Jul 31, 2016
hash_table Added fix to make sure we don't get in an infinite loop when hash tab… Jun 23, 2016
interview Added bitsort. Aug 10, 2016
linked_lists About 75% done with new linked list implementation. Jun 15, 2016
linked_lists_redo Added remove_value function. Done with C implementation! Jun 15, 2016
merge_sort Added break. Jul 20, 2016
priority_queue Removed debug code. Jul 9, 2016
queue_array Added print_debug function. Jun 19, 2016
queue_linked_list Added linked list implementation of queue. Jun 20, 2016
quick_sort Quicksort implementation. Jul 21, 2016
splay_tree Indents Jul 15, 2016
.gitignore Added code for arrays (in progress). Jun 10, 2016
CMakeLists.txt Changed for 32-bit. Aug 30, 2016 Added disclaimer. Oct 10, 2016 Some DFS in action. Jul 30, 2016

Practicing C

Part of my daily plan for studying C.


This code may be terrible and buggy. It's been a few months since I've looked at it. Use at your own risk.

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