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A battery charger timer for Arduino

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This project implements a timer for a battery charger that needs to run on an infrequent schedule (such as once a month). It also has a button to run "now." This is useful for when you have something like a cordless drill or electric bicycle or other thing that you don't use every day, but still need to keep in a charged state.

The circuit is: * Arduino Uno * Triac relay connected on pin D12 * ChronoDot connected on pins A4/A5 * Indicator LED connected on pin D13 * 16x2 LCD connected on pins D3-D8 * 4 push buttons (pull up, active low) connected on pins A0-A3

The push buttons are "soft buttons" indicated on the second row of the LCD, with A0 being leftmost and A3 being rightmost.

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