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Maildir-based bookmarking
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Maildir-based bookmarking.

Until now I was not able to find a flexible bookmarking solution that is working on the commandline and synchronisable with git. I therefore wrote this script to create a maildir and save my bookmarks as mails. The saved bookmarks can then be accessed by any email client supporting maildir. Examples are mutt/neomutt or Thunderbird.


mbm is a Perl script. It uses

  • Mail::Box
  • HTML::FormatText
  • LwP
  • URI
  • Sys::Hostname
  • Getopt::Long
  • Pod::Usage


Add a bookmark

mbm add
mbm a
mbm a --note 'cool repo' --tag perl --tag apps

Run mutt

mbm mutt
mbm m

Execute git commands in the mbm repo (~/.mbookmarks)

mbm git ...
mbm g ...

mutt-specific stuff

Use mbm open as pager to open the URLs in xdg-open


set editor="vim -f"
set my_name="Name"
set realname = $my_name

macro index,pager X "<pipe-entry>mbm open<enter>"
macro index,pager \cb <pipe-entry>'urlview'<enter> 'Follow links with urlview'

ignore * 
unignore x-bookmark-url x-bookmark-tags from to date subject
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