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Empty project for EBSP programs

This repository can serve as a template for EBSP programs. This README will help you get started on running and writing EBSP programs on your Parallella. We will assume you have access to the following, it should be enough to follow the getting started guide found on the Parallella website.

  • A (16-core) Parallella board.
  • Installation of version 2016.3 of the ESDK, and an environment variable EPIPHANY_HOME should be set to the proper path.

By default all the build tools we need should be available. If this is not the case, installing make, git and a recent version of gcc should be enough.

Cloning the repository

Open a terminal, or ssh into the Parallella, and run the command:

$ git clone <your project>

Where <your project> should be substituted with a suitable name for your project. Afterwards, you can cd into the empty project's directory:

$ cd <your project>

Inside this directory you will find a directory ext, which contains the relevant headers and libraries for EBSP, and a directory src containing the code for the EBSP program. Also, a Makefile is provided which will compile the project using default settings. To build the "Hello World" program that is include by default simply run:

$ make

This will compile the host program and a kernel. When you run the host program using:

$ bin/host_program

It will load the kernel ecore_program on each Epiphany core. You should see the following output:

$08: Hello World from processor 8 / 16
$01: Hello World from processor 1 / 16
$07: Hello World from processor 7 / 16

Next steps


This repository can serve as a starting point upon which EBSP programs can be built.




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