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Allows you to use 'multi-app' attribute to automatically bootstrap multiple Angular modules into the DOM
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Angular multi-app

Angular multi-app allows you to use attributes to automatically bootstrap multiple Angular modules into the DOM. Much the same way that ng-app does, except without the restriction.

How Does It Work?

Install the bower package

bower install angular-multi-app

Then add the file at the bottom of your page after Angular

<script src="angular.js"></script>
<!-- more scripts -->
<script src="multi-app.js"></script>

Now just decorate the DOM elements you want to load your modules into

<div multi-app="module-one"></div>
<div multi-app="module-two"></div>
<div multi-app="module-three"></div>


multi-app is only 12 lines of code. It isn't magic. It just calls angular.bootstrap for you automatically, so all the normal limitations of AngularJS apply.

Can I nest modules?

No. Angular won't let you do that.

Can I...

Did I mention that it just calls angular.bootstrap? Seriously, you should go RTFM.

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