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// A class to describe one line segment
// Because of a bug in the MULTIPLY blendMode does not take into account the alpha of
// either source or destination. If this gets corrected, tweaks to the stroke alpha might be more
// representative of a Copic marker. Right now it over emphasizes the darkening when overlaps
// of the same pen occur.
class botLine {
int pen_number;
boolean pen_down;
float x1;
float y1;
float x2;
float y2;
botLine(boolean pen_down_, int pen_number_, float x1_, float y1_, float x2_, float y2_) {
pen_down = pen_down_;
pen_number = pen_number_;
x1 = x1_;
y1 = y1_;
x2 = x2_;
y2 = y2_;
void render_with_copic() {
if(pen_down) {
color c = copic.get_original_color(copic_sets[current_copic_set][pen_number]);
//stroke(c, 255-brightness(c));
line(x1, y1, x2, y2);
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