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JWC Token Smart Contract

ERC-20 token smart contract that manages JWC tokens. Copyright © 2017 by JWC Blockchain Ventures


Author: JWC Team, Email:

How to Build

In order to build JWC Token Smart Contract you need the following software to be properly installed on your system:

  1. MetaMask (Chrome Extension)
  2. NodeJS 8+
  3. Solc (install via NPM)
  4. ethereumjs-testrpc (install via NPM)
  5. Truffle (install via NPM)

To build JWC Token Smart Contract, do the following:

  1. Clone sources of JWC Token Smart Contract from GitHub
  2. Go to the root folder of JWC Token Smart Contract sources
  3. Run the following command: testrpc truffle deploy --reset
  4. After successful build, build directory will contain compiled contract as well as ABI definition files