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A Flexible High-Power LED Controller
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ACRIS -- Advanced, Controllable Room Illumination System


Born out of a separate project I worked on over January and February of 2011, ACRIS is a system designed to provide precise control of high-powered LEDs. It consists of a set of LED controller boards, which drive LEDs using constant-current sink drivers and are controlled over an RF network by a transmitter. This hardware is very easily controlled via simple serial commands sent by software.

My goal for ACRIS is to provide a complete stack from base hardware to software.


  1. Each LED controller supports up to 15 channels, with each channel sinking up to 360mA
  2. Each channel has 4096 levels of brightness
  3. LED controllers are around 2.3"x3.9"
  4. Status LEDs on the board show what the hell is going on
  5. LED controllers have a bootloader, so one can program new firmware to all devices on the bus easily.

Repository Layout

The repository is laid out like this:

avr     - firmware for ATmega micros on the LED controllers
boards  - schematics and PCBs
docs    - documents I've collected or written
sw      - software for configuring and controlling the system


This repository has a lot of stuff that's continually being updated. Current effort is to convert the system to be wireless using the NRF24L01+ chip. The previous revision of this hardware communicated over an RS-485 network. This, as one might be able to imagine, proved to be really cumbersome.

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