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bcard is an experimental attempt to make cheap electronic business card on a
thin PCB. The main goals are for it to be:
- cheap
- not gaudy
- not stupid
As awesome as it would be to make the card appear as a USB flash device that
contains my resume, that would be a bit too expensive. One alternative, is
this design:
But somebody already made it :) Other designs are much more expensive.
My design incorporates a capacitive touch sensor with some blue LEDs around the
corners. The blue LEDs are actually mounted upside-down so that the card
Cost of parts is about $1.80 in quantities of 25 (at Digi-Key prices). At
quantities of 100, the cost per board is $1.54. The majority of the cost is in
the 4 LEDs and the microcontroller. You can shave off a few cents by going
with an ATTiny4 instead of an ATTiny10.
IDK, it's cute.
Software Used:
Board Design: Kicad
Firwmare: AVRA