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Utilities for Netbox management

  • - Compare CSV files from an IPPlan export with a Netbox export
  • - Compare IPPlan and Netbox addresses for duplicates
  • - Parse an IPPlan MySQL export and export a CSV for import into Netbox
  • - Parse Cisco router configs for IP and VLAN information
  • - Poll Junipers routers for IP and VLAN information
  • Sync-Netbox.ps1 - Synchronize VMware vCenter virtual machine inventory with Netbox
  • - parse a basic vCenter VM export to import into Netbox
  • Remove-LogFiles.ps1 - simple script to cleanup synchronization log files older than 1 week
  • vCenter_Netbox_Log_Cleanup.xml - Windows scheduled task example for cleaning log files older than 1 week
  • vCenter_Netbox_Sync.xml - Windows scheduled task example for running the Sync-Netbox script nightly
  • - Generate an Ansible inventory file from Netbox