Tools for working with the New York City(NYC) data sets
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tldr; Download a list of NYC Open Data data sets here nyc-open-data.csv or nyc-open-data.json


See Big Apps and NYC Data

Many years ago I was trying to get a handle on the data sets that NYC had available. But the list was paginiated and hard to view.

So I wrote this to download all the available datasets. The original version used the old javascript engine, Rhino, and was written in javascript.

After noticing people are still using this, I rewrote it.


The easiest thing is to just download the csv or json version of the dataset.

The new dataset is too large to view on Github.

There is an archive of the old data sets here.

PS: There are close to 4000 datasets now.

To run locally you will need Go installed.

git clone
cd nyc-gov-data
go run nyc-gov-data.go


You might want to review the Terms of Use at before diving in.