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Ruby on Rails plugin to display advertisement links from LinkLift.{de|es|fr|it|pl}.
Notice: Currently only tested with!
Installation and Usage
ruby script/plugin install git://
Then call to get the links, e.g. in your application_helper.rb:
def link_lift_links
:plugin_secret => LINK_LIFT_SECRET) do |link|
"<a href='#{link.url}' rel='#{link.no_follow? ? 'nofollow' : ''}'>#{link.text}</a>"
end.join(' ')
rescue => e
# handle timeouts&co
By default the LinkLift XML file will be downloaded every hour (or choose another timeout with the :timeout parameter)
and will be stored under public/#{website_key}.xml (set by the :filename option).
Copyright (c) 2008 Jonathan Weiss, released under the MIT license
Based on the LinkLift mephisto plugin of Thomas R. Koll