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Fix #576: using ini_get() to detect if apc is enabled or not

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1 parent d61ca42 commit 6cf88be7b6b7b9f90241456aa5f11aba93e2478d @appleboy appleboy committed with philsturgeon
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1 user_guide/changelog.html
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<li class="rector">Fixed a bug (Reactor #89) where MySQL export would fail if the table had hyphens or other non alphanumeric/underscore characters.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug (#60) - Added _file_mime_type() method to the <a href="libraries/file_uploading.html">File Uploading Library</a> in order to fix a possible MIME-type injection (also fixes bug #394).</li>
<li>Fixed a bug (#537) - Support for all wav type in browser.</li>
+ <li>Fixed a bug (#576) - Using ini_get() function to detect if apc is enabled or not.</li>
<h2>Version 2.0.3</h2>

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