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  • ExpressionEngine 2.x
  • PHP 5+
  • GD2 or Imagick



The src and at least 1 dimension parameter are required

src: Path to the image can be a full or relative (to the index.php) system path or a local url
width and/or height: Absolute width or height to resize to
max_width and/or max_height: Maximum width or height to resize to


The following options can also be set globaly in a config file using like $config['img_resize:param'] = 'VALUE'

quality: The quality of the resized image between 0-100. Default is 100.
retina_quality: The quality of the resized retina image between 0-100. Defaults to whatever quality is.
just_url: Set this to 'yes' to only return the URL to the image
sharpen: Setting this to 'yes' will cause images to be sharpened after they are resized
urldecode: Setting to 'no' will disable decoding of the src url
handle_retina: Set to 'no' to disable
h_align and/or v_align Adjusts where the crop is done from, default is 50 (center of the image)

These should only be set if you know what you are doing
base_url: URL to where your images are stored, default is your base_url
base_path: The base path to where your images are stored, this is used to determine the path to your images when using relative image paths
cache_path: Full path to where your images are cached, default is FCPATH/images/resized
cache_url: URL to where your images are cached, default is your base_path + /images/resized


These will be set as attributes on the img tag


Example Usage

{exp:img_resize src="/assets/img/imagename.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="Some alt text"}
// Outputs
<img src="" width="100" height="100" alt="Some alt text">

{exp:img_resize src="/assets/img/imagename.jpg" width="100" height="100" just_url="yes"}
// Outputs

Retina Handling

If you have a 100x100 image named like image@2x.png and resize to 25x25 the plugin will generate two images.

The first image will be 25x25 and named like image_25x25.png The second image will be 50x50 and named like image_25x25@2x.png

This should provide support for many retina handling methods that use @2x as an identifer, like

A data-retina attribute will also be set on the img tag containing the url to the retina image.


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