CodeIgniter library to get the status of an SRCDS server
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Initialize Configuration

You can alter the default config values by passing an array of options to the initialize method

$config = array(
	$timeout				= 2;
	$ping_timeout			= 1;
	$enable_cache			= TRUE; // Enable caching
	$cache_bad_responses	= TRUE; // Should we cache invalid reponses (timeouts/errors)
	$cache_time				= 30; // Time to cache server responses for

Pinging a Server

The ping method lets you quickly check to see if a server is responding

// function ping($host, $port = '27015');
$ping = $this->srcds_status->ping('');
echo $ping // Displays the servers ping in milliseconds

Server Status

You can use this method to get all the information available from a server

// function get_status($host, $port = '27015')
$server = $this->srcds_status->get_status('');
echo $server->hostname;
echo $server->mapname;
echo $server->game_dir; // eg. tf
echo $server->game; // eg. Team Fortress
echo $server->app_id;
echo $server->players; // player count
echo $server->max_players;
echo $server->bots;
echo $server->dedicated; // l = Listen, d = Dedicated, p = SourceTV
echo $server->os; // w = Windows, l = Linux
echo $server->password; // 0 or 1
echo $server->secure; // 0 or 1
echo $server->version;

Player List

This method lets you retrieve a list of all players on the server and sort them by kills, name or connection time

// function get_players($host, $port = '27015', $sort_type = NULL, $sort = NULL)
$players = $this->srcds_status->get_players('', '27015', 'kills, 'desc');

foreach($players as $player)
	echo $player->name;
	echo $player->kills;
	echo $player->time; // Connection time in seconds

You can also sort the player list using the sort_players() method

// function sort_players($players, $sort_type = 'kills', $sort = 'desc')
$players = $this->srcds_status->get_players('', '27015');
$sorted_players = $this->srcds_status->sort_players($players, 'kills', 'asc');

You can sort by name, kills or connection time