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Hugo conference

Hugo conference is a theme for conferences/events based on the original conf-boilerplate theme by BrazilJS Foundation and his many contributors.

Building my conference site from scratch

  1. Install Hugo

  2. Create a new site by running:

     hugo new site my-conf
     cd my-conf
     git clone themes/hugo-conference
     rm -f config.toml
     cp themes/hugo-conference/exampleSite/config.yml .
  3. It's done. Just start Hugo server to see it live!

     hugo server --watch

Customizing the site

All the site information can be found in the config.yml file. Just edit it to make changes. By default, the site have the following sections:

  • About - to describe what's the main goal of your event.
  • Location - to show where it's going to happen through Google Maps.
  • Speakers - to list information about speakers.
  • Schedule - to show the agenda.
  • Sponsors - to show the brand of your sponsors.
  • Partners - to show the brand of your partners.

Ps: It's important to change the baseurl property from config.yml file in order to reflect your settings.

Google Maps

Google now requires a Google Maps JavaScript API Key to show maps. You can obtain your key here. Then set your API key in the GoogleMapsKey param in the config.yml file.