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PrototypeJS based Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Bootstrap for PrototypeJS

For those developers that use PrototypeJS, Bootstrap requires the use of jQuery. If you do not want to load another library just to handle the the Bootstrap interactions use this fork of Bootstrap.

Differences according to PrototypeJS standards

  • effects and methods are called from the BootStrap namespace ie new BootStrap.Modal('elementid',{option}). This prevents conflicts with any other javascript libraries you may have loaded.
  • If you include you will get consistent behaviors across all browsers that and PrototypeJS support, otherwise you will only get the fades/movement/etc in browsers that support CSS3 transitions (sorry Internet Explorer < 10)
  • custom events that are fired will also be namespaced to bootstrap:* ie $('element').fire('bootstrap:closed')
  • The instances of the objects are stored on the elements using ElementStorage ie new BootStrap.Button($('mybutton')) will be stored at bootstrap:button and retrieved via $('mybutton').retrieve('bootstrap:button')
Module Version Compatible
BootStrap.Affix 2.3.2
BootStrap.Alert 2.3.2
BootStrap.Button 2.3.2
BootStrap.Carousel 2.3.2
BootStrap.Collapse 2.3.2
BootStrap.Dropdown 2.3.2
BootStrap.Modal 2.3.2
BootStrap.Popover 2.3.2
BootStrap.Scrollspy 2.3.2
BootStrap.Tab 2.3.2
BootStrap.Tooltip 2.3.2
BootStrap.Transition 2.3.2
BootStrap.Typeahead 2.3.2

Official Bootstrap README

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