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* Copyright (c) 2010 Jordan Frank, HumanSense Project, McGill University
* Licensed under the MIT license:
* See LICENSE for more information
* Classifier.h
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "ClassifyTrajectory.h"
#include <vector>
#include <ANN/ANN.h>
class Classifier {
uint numModels, windowSize;
uint algorithm;
uint numNeighbours, matchSteps;
const static int DEFAULT_NEIGHBOURS = 2;
const static int DEFAULT_MATCH_STEPS = 16;
Classifier(std::vector<NamedModel*> *models, uint numNeighbours=DEFAULT_NEIGHBOURS, uint matchSteps=DEFAULT_MATCH_STEPS);
virtual ~Classifier();
void classifyAndSave(ANNcoord** data, ulong length, FILE *fout);
void go(ANNcoord** data, ulong length, FILE *fout);
CvMat* classify(ANNcoord** data, ulong length);
// Computes a time delay embedding for the specified model.
// length should be the number of "rows" that are expected,
// not the length of the input.
ANNcoord* getProjectedData(int model, ANNcoord* input, int length);
uint getNumModels();
uint getWindowSize();
uint getNumNeighbours();
uint getMatchSteps();
void setAlgorithmNumber(int alg);
char* getModelNames();
std::vector<NamedModel*> *models;
CvMat **navg, **navg_next, **proj_next, **nn, **nnn;
inline float get_interpolation_coefficient(ANNpoint p, ANNpoint p1, ANNpoint p2, uint dim);
#endif /* CLASSIFIER_H_ */
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