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// Name : TDEModel.h
// Author : Jordan Frank (
// Copyright : MIT
#include <opencv/cxcore.h>
#include "Utils.h"
#ifndef TDEMODEL_H_
#define TDEMODEL_H_
class TDEModel {
TDEModel(Settings* settings);
TDEModel(std::ifstream* model_file, uint verbosity);
virtual ~TDEModel();
void DumpTree(char* outfile);
void getKNN(ANNpoint ap, unsigned int k, ANNidxArray nn_idx, ANNdistArray dists);
void simulateTrajectory(ANNpoint s0, ANNpointArray trajectory, unsigned int dim, unsigned long N);
ANNpoint getDataPoint(unsigned int idx);
ANNcoord *projectData(ANNcoord *data, unsigned int rows, unsigned int cols);
unsigned long getLength() const { return length; }
unsigned long getEmbDim() const { return embdim; }
unsigned long getDelay() const { return delay; }
char getUsePCA() const { return use_pca; }
unsigned long getPCAEmbDim() const {
if (use_pca) {
return bases->cols;
else {
return embdim;
unsigned long length, embdim, delay;
ANNpointArray dataPts;
ANNkd_tree *kdTree;
// Related to the PCA
void computePCABases(ANNcoord *data, uint rows, uint cols, uint numbases);
char use_pca;
CvMat* avg;
CvMat* bases;
#endif /* TDEMODEL_H_ */