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This is a script I use for setting up clusters for certification using the ami-a25415cb AMI on m2.4xlarge instances. You don't have to use it but it saves me time. After standing up your 4-5 m2.4xlarge instances with the ami-a25415cb AMI (RHEL-6.4), put the hostnames into a file called "cluster". Put your ./pem file in the same directory. Then run this script as so:

./init-cluster.sh <path-to-pemfile>

Script will do the following on all nodes:
-disable selinux
-enable ntpd
-disable iptables
-mount the instance based storage
-move /var/log, /var/lib/ and /opt/cloudera to the instance based storage
-reboot the host (for selinux changes to take)
-On the master node (the first node in the "clusters" file) it'll get the cloudera-manager-installer.bin file for you.

At the conclusion of the script, ssh to the master node and run the cloudera-manager-installer.bin file, select the classic wizard (not the ec2 wizard) and run through the install process as if you're setting up a fresh cluster. Copy and paste the clusters file into the hosts window when prompted.