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Quick-start, opinionated template repository to add Sphinx-based documentation to an existing project


This repository is a working implementation of a documentation toolchain powered by Sphinx. Use these files to quickly set up Sphinx inside of an existing project. For convenience, most of the special sauce is inside the docs/ directory, so you can copy it straight into another project.

"But I thought Sphinx had a quickstart tool already."

Yes, it does. But I have opinions. And I am lazy. So, when I am starting a new project, I want to use a preferred configuration instead of starting from the ground up. Sometimes, you may want to start from the ground up. So try that first if you like.

But if you are like me, and want to do more writing and less configuring, make your life easier and use a common base. This repo is all about getting you to spend more time on what deserves your time, not getting lost in configuration options. 🎉

About reusing this repo

This repository is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. Reuse anything you want in your own projects. If you use this quickstart repo in a public repository, a link back here in your README is appreciated. 👍