Oyster pay as you go history browser.
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This project is abandoned as of 6 October 2015. The oyster site has changed and the scraper no longer works. Feel free to fork and fix it. I no longer live in London so don't have a personal use for it anymore.

Mollusc is a browser for your Oyster pay as you go history. You can run it on your server or localhost.

You’ll get a bar chart and table breakdown of how your balance changed each month. Top ups are highlighted in green, fares above £3 in red. The £10 auto top-up threshold is shown as a red line.

Oyster only make 8 weeks data available at a time, but Mollusc will keep old data forever once you start importing it.



  • Linux/Mac OS X
  • Apache (2 probably?) with the rewrite module enabled
  • MySQL (5 probably?)
  • PHP 5.3


  1. Copy this directory somewhere on your machine where Apache can reach it. Some people use /var/www or something like that
  2. Edit app/conf/local.conf.php with your details.
  3. Rename it to the result of running hostname on your machine followed by .conf.php. e.g. if your system hostname is rhubarb the file needs to be called rhubarb.conf.php.
  4. Edit apache-vhost.conf, changing all occurrences of /path/to/install to the path where you copied this directory. Set your ServerName. Make it password protected if you like.
  5. Run script/initdb.php and answer the questions as prompted to setup the database.
  6. Run script/fetch.php to import your journey history. You’ll probably want to put this in cron to run once a day or something.
  7. Put Include /path/to/install/apache-vhost.conf somewhere appropriate to your OS Apache config and restart Apache.
  8. Point your DNS at your webserver (or /etc/hosts file if you’re running it locally).
  9. Enjoy!


To change the red fare warning threshold, edit the FARE_WARNING constant in app/conf/conf.php. It’s in pence.