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* Jude would like chase to loop
* Current signboard status
* Drop down of stock messages
* Investigate the hupcl business, and turn it correctly by default
* Provide a flash ram setting to perform init on boot
* Understand boot initialization
* Revamp the web site to simplify and really improve on it;
pick up ledscroll and war statii correctly
--- Game todo ---
Really should use a mutex or something to avoid thread clash
--- Long Term ---
We should be able to control up to 12 strings by adding the
upper six pins of port D.
If I can figure out how to keep Tone.cpp out of the .pde build,
we could switch to Timer2
--- So Long term it might as well be never ---
Right now, we lock step the strings; if you're going to write to
more than 1 string, you have to do them at the same time. That is
not theoretically required; the pins could be inter mingled in the
ring buffer. You could theoretically avoid that by having a slightly
more sophisticated available()/writep algorithm.