"Simulator" with instruction tracing and deterministic timing for x86 programs
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"Simulator" with instruction tracing and deterministic timing for x86 32-bit programs.

This is a interpreter for x86 programs running on Linux and Windows. The purpose of the interpreter is to make the RDTSC instruction produce the exact instruction count rather than a clock cycle count. Using this interpreter, and given the same input, any two runs of the same program will always obtain the same values from RDTSC.

Library calls and system calls do not form part of the instruction count: they are executed normally, at full speed, by native code.

In order to write this interpreter quickly, I have made heavy use of the x86 CPU itself. Only branches and jumps are interpreted: straight-line code is executed natively. Also, if a branch or jump cannot be interpreted, because its encoding is not supported by my simple instruction decoder, then it will be executed in single-step mode.

As a result of this design, the interpreter will only work with 32-bit x86 code. It requires the "objdump" program to be present. It has only been tested with code compiled with GCC.

The interpreter can be trivially extended to produce a trace of executed instructions, register values, memory accesses and so forth.

The x86 conditional branch decoding is based on i8086emu, which is copyright (c) 2004 by Joerg Mueller-Hipper, Robert Dinse, Fred Brodmueller, Christian Steineck. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/i8086emu/ .

The rest of the code is copyright (c) 2015 by Jack Whitham.