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Not finding specs? #2

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I'm having some trouble getting this to work. All I have is a sanity check spec (a javascript version of your coffeescript example)

define(function(require) {
  var PlaylistModel;
  PlaylistModel = require('player');
  describe('existence', function() {
    it('should be defined', function() {

I'm not getting any errors, but jasmine doesn't appear to see this as a spec at all. The test suite web page at localhost:8888 is blank and rake jasmine:ci tells me "no examples found"

Have I failed to translate properly from Coffeescript, or is there something deeper going on?

(Using jasmine 1.21 and requirejs-rails 0.9.0)


I have the same error when running rake jasmine:ci.

When running rake jasmine, I noticed that I have a javascript error - that define is not defined - and that the run.html.erb file is not loading, from what I can tell, the default one is.


BTW, I saw these changes in this fork:
And it works now for me.


What was the issue, danivalentin?

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