OJS plugin uses DVN Data Sharing API to add data sharing & preservation to publishing workflows
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OJS Dataverse Plugin

The Dataverse Network Project and the Public Knowledge Project are partnering to develop plugin that adds data sharing and preservation to the Open Journal Systems publication process. For more information about the project, visit http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/ojs-dvn/about-project.

Dataverse Plugin Guide

Refer to the Dataverse Plugin Guide for an overview of data publication workflows supported by the plugin in OJS.

Installing the plugin

Instructions for OJS 2.4 & later assume the plugin is installed using the web installer. If the plugin is uploaded manually to the OJS plugins directory, an additional step is required to install database tables used by the plugin. See details in the setup instructions for OJS 2.3.

OJS 2.4.4

The Dataverse plugin is included in OJS 2.4.4.

OJS 2.4.3

Download dataverse- Use the web plugin installer in the journal management pages to install the plugin: click "System Plugins", then "Install a New Plugin" to upload the downloaded *.tar.gz file.

Before enabling & configuring the plugin, please run the following commands to patch the swordappv2 library included in OJS 2.4.3.

From the OJS install directory, test the patch with:

patch --dry-run -d lib/pkp/lib/swordappv2 < plugins/generic/dataverse/swordappv2.diff

If the dry run indicates the patch will apply cleanly, run:

patch -d lib/pkp/lib/swordappv2 < plugins/generic/dataverse/swordappv2.diff

Enable and configure the plugin as described in the guide.

OJS 2.4.2 & earlier

Download dataverse-

If the SWORD plugin is present in your OJS install, at plugins/generic/sword, remove it. In OJS versions 2.4.2 and earlier, the SWORD plugin uses an incompatible version of the swordapp PHP library and the Dataverse plugin can't be installed unless it's removed.

OJS 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.2

Use the web plugin installer available from the journal management pages: click "System Plugins," then "Install a New Plugin" to upload the downloaded *.tar.gz file.

Please make sure the web server is able to write to the plugins and lib/pkp/plugins directories (including subdirectories). Don't forget to secure the directories again after installing the plugin.

PHP's upload_max_filesize and post_max_size settings must be large enough to allow the plugin source (about 2.3M) to be uploaded.

After installation, go to "System Plugins" then "Generic Plugins" to enable and configure the Dataverse plugin as described in the guide.

OJS 2.3

  • Unzip the source files and move the dataverse directory to plugins/generic.
  • Move the SWORD library files from plugins/generic/dataverse/lib/swordappv2 to 'lib/pkp/plugins/generic/dataverse/swordappv2`
  • From the OJS install directory, run php tools/dbXMLtoSQL.php -schema execute plugins/generic/dataverse/schema.xml to install database tables used by the plugin.
  • Enable and configure the plugin as described in the guide.