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1 <html>
2 <head><title>JSProve Todo List</title></head>
3 <body>
5 <h1>Todo List</h1>
6 <pre>
7 <del>Parse place notations and generate rows</del> PB
8 <del>Prove truth of a composition at all stages from place notation and user input</del> PB
9 <del>Informative Music output for all stages</del> PB/JWH
10 <del>Variety of Call Types</del> JWH
11 <del>Shorthand generation of composition</del> JWH
12 Central Council (standard) formatting of true compositions
13 <del>Load methods via XHR from CC library files</del> JWH
14 <del>Use more than one method (spliced)</del> JWH
15 <del>Snap start - user can just create a "new method" by inputing full lead place notation, missing off first 2 changes</del>
16 Half lead calls
17 </pre>
18 </body>
19 </html>
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